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2007-12-19 21:43:59 by DerHATO

My life has finally caught up to me, and I seem to be caught up in everything but audio. It may be possible that I may never release another track on NG.

To all of my fans, farewell.


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2007-12-23 13:35:52

WHY?!!!! your stuff is awesome!!!


2008-01-31 18:57:28

YOU!!! Thanks mate I owe you one for telling me that song :).


2008-06-13 14:43:52

good job
aweasome song

the black knight


2008-09-01 11:48:37

Wait a minute, why are you leaving Newgrounds, exactly? Some Newgrounds users need to hear music blasting in their ears 24/7, and for some people you're the only one who can fulfill their needs. I'm not one of them, because the only audio submission in my favorites made by you is Metal Gear Solidified (which kicks MAJOR ass!). Nevertheless, you should consider how your fans feel when you gave the message.


2010-06-17 02:10:29

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